Timber is a truly renewable building material. Whenever a tree is cut down and used for timber construction, another tree is planted in its place and therefore reducing any damage to the environment.

By choosing a Hawthorne Timber product, you are making the ultimate “green choice”. Building a timber framed building means a longer lasting structure, and because of our insulation products, a more energy efficient and cost effective way to build.

All our timber suppliers are members of a relevant trade association and are therefore strictly monitored in where their timber comes from and their forestry practices.

In line with all current legislation and our commitment to the environment, Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd have an in-house re-cycling scheme so any products can indeed be re-used where applicable. Confirming our commitment to preserving the environment.

“Research shows that timber frame walls consume around 58% of the energy required to produce a lightweight block!”

Why choose a Timber Frame / Timber Related Product?

  • Reduced Heating Costs
  • Speed of Construction
  • All Products Engineered to the Highest Level of Accuracy & Quality
  • Simplified On-Site Construction & Reduced Labour Costs
  • Greater Efficiency in Both Energy & Cost with Specific Materials
  • Products Meet & Often Exceed Current Building Regulations
  • Every Element Quality Assured (Higher Customer Satisfaction)
  • Timber Construction is by far the most Environmentally Friendly Way to Build